Uniform and achievement are a high priority at our Avanti Secondary Schools; we believe the way in which students wear their school uniform reflects the importance which is placed on attention to detail and pride in the school. The smart appearance of Avanti students is regularly commented on by parents of prospective students and visitors to the school.

Avanti Boys V Neck Knitted Jumper
  • 50% cotton, 50% acrylic
  • Navy
  • Embroidered with school crest
Avanti School Tie
Avanti Blazer (available in boys and girls fits)
  • 65% Polyester, 35% Viscose Barathea
  • Teflon finish
  • Navy
  • Two button front
  • Two side vents
  • Embroidered with school crest


Other compulsory uniform items (can be purchased anywhere)

White shirt White shirt
Grey trousers (not black or charcoal) Grey trousers or grey below-knee skirt (not black or charcoal)
Black/grey socks Black/grey socks or black tights/stockings
Black shoes (no trainers) Black shoes (no trainers)
Full school PE kit (see below)
Full school PE kit (see below)


Bags / Student Planners

Pupils will need a suitable bag or rucksack in black or grey. Bags must be brought to school and taken home each day, along with their student planners.


PE Kit

All students in Key Stage 3 and 4 must bring and wear the correct school PE kit, which must be ordered online via our uniform supplier. The PE kit is formed of compulsory items which must be brought to every PE lesson – regardless of weather or activity, plus other compulsory items that must be brought for particular activities; notice of which shall be given by your PE teacher.


Bring to every lesson – regardless of weather or activity Bring only when requested
  • school PE shorts or skort*
  • school PE polo shirt
  • white ankle length socks
  • white sports trainers (not plimsolls)
  • hair ties where required
  • sweatbands (to cover any religious bracelets/bands that cannot be removed)
*The skort is a combination of shorts with a skirt layer on top. Girls may choose either a skort or shorts but are not required to have both. Girls mostly wear the skort but may prefer shorts – this is a matter of choice. All other items above are required for PE.
  • school rugby shirt
  • school tracksuit bottoms
  • school football socks
  • football boots
  • plain thermal base layer (for winter)
  • gumshield
  • shinpads


Avanti Skort
Avanti Shorts
Avanti Polo Shirt
Avanti Rugby Shirt
Avanti  Sports Socks
  Avanti Track Bottoms + Track Top

Avanti Boot Bag
(NB: this is not a compulsory item)
Shin Pads
(NB: this is compulsory, and is available from our uniform supplier but can be purchased anywhere) 
Gum Shield
(NB: this is compulsory, and is available from our uniform supplier but can be purchased anywhere)
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