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Avanti Schools Trust schools prepare pupils and students for their respective life-journeys by promoting: educational excellence, character formation and spiritual insight.

Emphasis on independent thought and personal choice fans every learner's innate and emerging passion for learning. This personalised approach provides tailor-made learning paths for all, ensuring their long-term progress and fulfilment; it is supported by a mentorship and academic support system delivered in close partnership with parents.

Avanti Schools Trust schools work collaboratively with the wider community, especially partner organisations, to prepare pupils and students to take their places as responsible British citizens. The schools promote holistic, responsible lifestyles through a vegetarian diet, a curriculum that integrates yoga and meditation and a built environment that actively fosters environmental concern. By drawing on the teachings of Krishna Chaitanya, Avanti Schools Trust schools embrace a universal, inclusive approach to spirituality, aimed at rekindling a personal, loving and spontaneous relationship with the divine (Krishna).


Educational Excellence

Our schools motivate and enable all pupils to become reflective, articulate and independent thinkers, laying solid foundations for their future learning, vocation and self-fulfilment. Their broad and challenging curriculums focus on core skills and subjects, and are distinctive in their values-based approach to the humanities and their emphasis on the artistic and spiritual realms.

Character Formation

Our schools acknowledge that personal virtue, responsibility and a wholesome sense of identity underpin success in all endeavours, material and spiritual. They nurture conduct consistent with the universal virtues of humility, respect, integrity, courage, empathy, gratitude and self-restraint.


Spiritual Insight

Rooted in the teachings of Chaitanya, our School promotes an inclusive, accessible approach to spirituality. It aims at a personal, loving and spontaneous reciprocation with the divine (Krishna). Self-discovery is supported through song, mantra meditation, service to humanity, contemplative prayer and the study of exemplary role models. This prepares all pupils and students to make lasting contributions to society as loyal, responsible and broad-minded citizens


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