Welcome to Avanti Secondary School

Avanti Schools Trust is proposing the following new secondary schools:

  • Avanti Redbridge Secondary
  • Avanti Hertsmere Secondary
  • Avanti Hounslow Secondary

We are currently applying for these through the Department for Education and will update this website and our Facebook page with more information as we get it. The information on this website is intended to give communities an idea of the proposals including the curriculum, ethos and inclusivity. Each of our schools whilst underpinned by the same principals of Educational Excellence, Character Formation and Spiritual Insight will of course be unique and meet local needs. We plan for these schools to have 6 forms of entry as well as a sixth form.

You can sign-up for information by completing our questionnaire:


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Avanti schools are Hindu faith schools which welcome children from all backgrounds. The schools are operated by the Avanti Schools Trust and the designated religious authority is the iFoundation. Both the Trust and the religious authority are inspired by and draw upon the teachings of Krishna Chaitanya, part of the same religious tradition as ISKCON, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. This means that the nature of Collective Worship and Religious Studies will be broadly reflective of the practices and teachings of ISKCON. The Trust and religious authority are independent legal entities and they may choose to collaborate with ISKCON in instances which will benefit the Avanti schools.

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