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School Life  »   The School Day

The School Day

Nursery Class   8.00am–11.00am
Reception Class and upwards   8.00am–2.25pm
Lunch break   12.00pm–1.00pm
School office & Phoneline   7.45am–3.00pm


Travelling to School

The Government aims to reduce carbon emission and encourage walking to school. We strongly advise that those who live locally walk to school in order to minimise unnecessary traffic and pollution. Those who live far away from the school to walk should try and car share.

Walking or cycling to school helps to promote:

  • A healthy lifestyle
  • A sense of well-being
  • Alertness and concentration in class
  • Awareness of geographical location
  • Road safety knowledge
  • Reading skills

Cycle and scooter racks are provided to assist parents in bringing children to school by cycle or scooter.

Parents must not park in the school car park as this is reserved for staff. Please ensure that you park considerately; do not cause any obstruction or hinder traffic flow; drive carefully to ensure the safety of our children; and show courtesy to other road users and local residents.

The drop-off and collection point within the school is now closed to all parents/carers. The local residents representative has been informed that there will be an increase in traffic around the local area.

The green pedestrian gate near the Nursery Class will be open to allow parents to drop off and collect their children. In the morning the gates will open at 7.00am for our early morning clubs and close at 8.00am. In the afternoon they will open at 2.15pm and close at 2.40pm.

Please DO NOT:

  • Double park or block driveways to drop off or pick up your child
  • Stop in the middle of the road to drop or pick your child
  • Leave younger siblings in the car unattended; this is illegal and parents can be reported for negligence

The class teacher and classroom assistant will greet the children by welcoming them into the classroom. Parents are requested not to have lengthy discussions with the teacher at this time. Appointments can be made with the class teacher at the end of the day or alternatively you can request the School office to forward message to class teacher.


Dismissing Pupils

At the end of the day, the children will be dismissed one at a time when eye contact is made with each parent or adult who has been given consent to collect your child (Adults must be 18 or over). Please wait in an orderly queue to ensure safe dismissal.

If for any reason you cannot collect your child, contact the School to inform them about alternative arrangements. Please ensure that the alternative adult collecting your child has prior written consent that is signed and dated by yourself.

Occasionally a supply teacher may dismiss pupils in which case if there is a message for the class teacher please speak to a member of the office staff.