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Complaints Procedure

Effective communication and partnership working are key to helping us ensure that your children are happy, challenged and engaged in their learning both in and out of school. This will involve you talking to us about any concerns, or worries that you may have about your child either at school or at home.

The flow chart below shows the process of communicating with the school with respect to individual matters related to your child’s academic or social progress.

Talk to your child's class teacher after school and/or make an appointment to see them.
Identify  the issue, discuss possible solutions, agree how to monitor the situation or agree what outcomes are sought.
If you are not happy with the outcome, make an appointment to see the Deputy Headtecher. Discuss concerns with the Deputy who will keep a written record which will be conveyed to the Headteacher.
If the issues or concerns are not resolved, make an appointment with the Headteacher.

The Headteacher will listen to your views, will investigate and report back to you.  They may make a referral to other services where necessary.

STEP 4 If the issues are stil not resolved, a written complaint should be made to the Chair of Governors

Governors will investigate discuss and communicate their findings to you.

The Headteacher is available to meet with parents/carers to discuss any concerns. Schools are very busy places and we communicate with parents via our newsletters and Home School communication systems. We will also write to parents with information about specific issues, events and important notices and copies of all communications will be posted on ParentMail. We will also post information on a parent/carer notice board and outside each classroom. Our website will also be regularly maintained to ensure that the information is relevant and current. Parents/carers are asked to check these sources of information regularly.

We are partners in your child’s future success.

Please refer to our complaints policy for further information.