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We are an inclusive school and will work hard to develop strategies to include all children. However, in extreme cases, the school will make exclusions to maintain the health and safety of all our community.

The school endeavours to do all it can to avoid permanent exclusion. However, a permanent exclusion is for extreme and significant breaches of behaviour, for example, physically aggressive behaviour towards others in school. When such cases are considered, referral should be made to the DFE guidance and liaison with the local authority and the Trust will be

Fixed term exclusions are for serious breaches of the school rules. Some examples are:

• refusal to follow staff direction
• stealing school property
• damaging school property
• causing injury to another person
• misconduct when representing the school off site.

If your child is excluded you will be contacted by the school and told the reason for exclusion, the length of the
exclusion and who to contact should you need support or what to do if you want to appeal the exclusion. (Please see page of the Behaviour Policy-  found under the policies  a section of this website.

All exclusions are reported to the local authority, Trust and Governors.

The Deputy Headteacher has the authority to exclude pupils and in the absence of the Headteacher.

Internal Exclusions:

Internal exclusions will be at the discretion of Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and will be in response to a culmination of behaviour incidents or
extreme and serious single incident.

Internal exclusions will be decided and coordinated by a member of SLT. An
internal exclusion is different to a time out/reflection in another classroom.

If a child has an internal exclusion they will be sent with appropriate work to complete supervised by SLT.  SLT will inform the child’s parents and record the incident and
steps taken to avoid future incidents. The child will be monitored and supported by the SLT, including the SENCO.

The approximate length of an internal exclusion is at the discretion of SLT but will be no longer than 30-45min.

External exclusions will follow guidance from The Learning Trust Exclusion policy. Only the Headteacher and
Deputy Headteacher can exclude children externally. A decision to externally exclude will only be taken when all other possibilities and strategies have been made.