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Sports Premium Funding at Avanti Court

At Avanti Court Physical Education and Sporting play is very important for all pupils and at least two hour sessions per week are dedicated to physical activity in the curriculum. In addition ‘Take 12’ takes place daily here at school – making a core offer of 3 hours of timetabled physical activity each week. We believe that physical activity and sport contribute to the holistic development of children and through participation in sport and physical education, children learn more about themselves and develop lifelong values such as: teamwork, fair play and respect for themselves and others. There is significant evidence to show the positive effects of sport and exercise on children’s physical health, growth and development but also on their academic ability. Sport and activity also provide a healthy environment for children to learn how to deal with competition and how to cope with both winning and with losing.

Our lunch menu reflects the on-going focus we have on healthy eating for example. Specialist sport coaches work with whole classes as well as individual children and small groups to increase sporting activity. All teachers will be trained in the teaching of Yoga by the end of the Autumn term 2015 so that all children take part in Yoga activities each week.


Competition is an important part of school life. Children are introduced to competition within different areas of the curriculum and also through day to day experiences at the school. All children have the opportunity to compete in many in-school competitions throughout the year. Our Active Play Buddies ensure that competition is kept high on our agenda and that they are on hand to support outside play. Our sporting teams will also be scheduled to play other schools in various matches throughout the year and enter various borough competitions.

By the end of the Autumn term 2015 Avanti Court Primary School will have a Key Stage 2 mixed football team, a mixed Key Stage 2 basket ball team and a Key Stage 1 mixed football team. By the end of the academic year Avanti Court Primary School for the first time will take part in the Boroughs Multi-Sport Event.

Our aims for the Sports Premium Funding

For the next academic year, the Government is making available to all schools a sum of money to allow them to continue to develop sports provision within school and to help schools increase pupil participation in sporting activity. This money equates to approximately £8000 per school per year plus an additional £5 per child. We also use the additional funding to provide a vast range of extra-curricular clubs for our children.

At Avanti Court, we are using the Sport Premium to improve the quality of PE and Sport provision in the following ways:

· To redevelop our outdoor area and gymnasium so that there is a wide range of activities and equipment designed to build core muscle strengthening for the children to participate in.

· We aim to assist staff through the support of the specialist PE teachers. Staff throughout the school will be able to observe and gain a further understanding of high quality PE activities provided for the children – particularly in gymnastics.

· Effective yoga training for all teachers across the school to ensure good quality provision

· Effective training for our PE Lead to ensure that PE and sporting activity keeps a high profile in our school

· Providing cover staff to release teachers for professional development in PE and sport.

· Supporting external sports coaches to run competitions, and to increase pupils’ participation in school games competitions.

· Quality assuring the work of Sport coaches employed to coach PE lessons each day and after-school sports clubs.

· Using the funding to support regular sport tournaments, festivals and competitions for pupils of all ages.

· Providing places for pupils in after-school sport clubs.

· Supporting and training midday supervisors and the Playground Buddies to introduce playground games at breaks and lunchtimes.

· Forging links with PE teachers at local secondary schools to help primary staff improve their PE and sports provision -King Solomon High School and Ilford County High School

With the allocation of Sports Premium the children at Avanti Court can be offered more opportunities to participate in physical activity.

Avanti Court Sports Premium spending 2015-16

Avanti Court Sports Grant evaluation 2015-16

Avanti Court Sports Premium spending 2016-17