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Admissions  »   17/18 Reception Class

September 2017 Reception Intake School Admissions 2017-18   

Parents can make an application for children born between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013 who will start reception class in a school in Harrow September 2017. 



Important dates


1 September 2016 

Website opens, and you can apply online at www.harrow.gov.uk/schooladmissions


Autumn 2016 

Parents applying to Krishna Avanti Harrow under faith criteria must complete and return a supplementary information form directly  to the school by 15 January 2017. These forms are available on our website or from Harrow Council wesite www.harrow.gov.uk/schooladmissions

Please also ensure you read the detailed information in Harrow Council's guide to primary school 2017-2018.

Before completing an application online please ensure you have read Harrow Council's Guide to Primary Schools 2017/18



Friday 15 January 2017 


Closing Date for applications


April 2017

Emails will be sent from Harrow Council to parents with the outcome of your child's application.

Please wait until you have received the email before logging on to the e-Admissions website. In some cases, letters will be sent through the post.


May 2017 


Deadline for acceptance or decline of offer.


May 2017


Closing date for receipt of appeals.


Only residents in Harrow can apply for a primary school place on this website. If you are not a resident in Harrow, please contact your local authority to find out how to apply.

Applying for 2017/18 Reception class

The application for primary school admissions for September 2017 is available online via the eAdmissions website. If your child has a statement of Special Educational Needs or Educational, Health and Care Plan, please do not complete an application form. Further details for SEN admissions is avaliable below. 

If you are unable to apply online please contact the school admissions team via Harrow Council Civic Centre. 

It is easy and you get an instant acknowledgement that your application has been received. You will also receive an email with the outcome of your application.

In order to apply online you must first register your details. You will then be sent a user name and password. Once registered, you will be able to apply online. The online system will allow you to make changes to your application before the closing date of 15th January 2016 and to keep track of the progress of your application after the closing date.

You can save your position and return later if you are unable to complete the application in one session. Every time you make or change your online application you will receive an email confirming the status of your application. You can also check the status when you log onto the system and select your application.

At the end of the process you must 'Submit' your form in order for it to come through to Harrow Council. Failure to 'submit' will mean your application has not been sent to us, and your application will not be considered. If in doubt please contact Harrow School Admissions Service via email [email protected] to check your application has been received.

Internet access is available free of charge from any Harrow library.



Children with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

There are two separate admissions arrangements for children with SEN, depending on whether they have an Educational, Health and Care Plan or a Statement of Special Educational Needs.

If you believe this process applies to your child please contact Special Educational Needs Assessment and Review Service (SENARS) at Harrow Council on 020 8966 6483. 

Children WITH an EHC Plan or Statement of SEN

These children do not go through the normal admission procedure. SENARS will establish parents’ school preference and, if appropriate, consult our school for a place on the parents behalf.

If necessary, SENARS will contact parents again to discuss other options. We encourage parents to complete school application forms, but this is optional.

SENARS will write to parents to offer their child a place and propose support arrangements which may include an amended Final EHC Plan or Statement of SEN, which names our school.

Children WITHOUT an EHC Plan or Statement of SEN

These children go through the normal admission procedure. Parents should fill out an application form in the usual way and children will be offered a place based on the school’s published admissions oversubscription criteria. The school will receive additional funding to provide extra help for children with SEN.



What to do if your details change 

It is vitally important that you tell us and Harrow Council Admission team straight away if any of your details change after you have submitted your application.

If you move house and change your address; if your child changes primary school; or if any other factual details regarding your application change, please contact Harrow council or the borough you made the application from straight away. Harrow council can be contacted on 0208 901 2620 or email [email protected].

Please inform the school office immediately if your details change and you are applying under the faith criteria and have submitted supplementary forms for our school. You will be requested to complete a change of address form.

Failure to inform Harrow Council and us about your changes could invalidate your application or even lead to an offer being withdrawn. 

Deciding which address to put on your application 

The only acceptable address to put on your application is your child’s permanent address.

Please do not list an address of someone who provides a temporary care arrangement for your child, a business address, childminder’s address, a relative’s address or any other address other than the child’s permanent home address.

If a school place is offered on the basis of an incorrect address, the place will be withdrawn.

Providing false information or fraudulent documentation could lead also to legal action being brought against you, including a criminal prosecution.

Harrow Council reserves the right at any time to investigate and verify any address, information and/or documentation in order to ensure that it is allocating places appropriately and fairly. These investigations may extend to Council databases, home visits and background checks. We may also ask you for further proofs.

If we offer a place at our school and then discover from Harrow Council that the offer was made on fraudulent or misleading information (for example, a false claim to living at an address) we will withdraw the place offered. This has happened in previous years. This will cause considerable distress, particularly for the child involved.

Where a place has been offered based on false information, we can withdraw the offer even after your child has started at school.

When will I hear what school I have been offered? 

If you applied online using the eAdmissions website, you will receive an email via e admissions/ Harrow Council with the outcome of your application on the evening of the April 2017. You will need to wait until you have received this email before logging onto the E-Admissions website. You'll need your username and password which you'll have created when you made your application.

If you submitted a paper application, your offer will be posted to you by first class post via Harrow Council on the April 2017.

You must accept your child's school offer by May 2017.

For further details go to http://www.harrow.gov.uk/info/200129/admissions     

or email [email protected]

Please click on the link here to read the detailed information in Harrow Council's guide to primary school 2017-2018

Please do not hesitate to contact the school office on 0208 381 3344 if you require further information.

Faith Forms

Are you applying under the Faith Criteria? - Further details with regards to the oversubscription critera can be found in our published Admissions Policy. 

If you are applying under the Bhaktivedanta Manor Faith or Practising Hindu Faith Criteria you will need to submit to the school office a completed Bhaktivedanta Manor Form or Supplimentary Information Form. The SIF/BMF forms are avaliable via the link on the left hand side.

Please note: The school will follow the current academic year admissions policy for ranking the submitted In Year applications.

Submitting the SIF/BMF Forms to Krishna Avanti School

If you are applying under the criterion of 3 or 6 of the Reception Admissions Policy in addition to the Common Application Form (CAF) you will need to fill in a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) and/or where applicable, a Bhaktivedanta Manor Faith form (this form is on page 2 of the SIF form PDF document) and return it directly to the school office before the closing date of 15th January 2017.

We will also require to see the following details with your SIF/BMF form: Birth Certificate of Child/ Children, Proof of Address(2016-2017 Council tax bill) and Electronic reference number of application (SIF forms will not be considered on time if you have not completed a CAF also known as e-admissions application from your Local Authority's website).

Closing Date

The closing date for all primary school applications is Friday 15th January 2017. All applications received after the closing date will be classed as a late application and will not be considered until all on-time applications have been dealt with.


Right of Appeal

Parents who receive a letter to say that their application has not been successful have the right to appeal (not applicable for Nursery class). Bear in mind that appeals will be heard on the basis of the admissions oversubscription criteria listed in the 2017-2018 Reception Admissions Policy.

Parents wishing to appeal must write to the Clerk to the Governors at the School address, within 20 days of receiving the letter of refusal.

The procedure will be explained in a response by the School and the timetable for the process will be published on the School’s website by 28 February each year.

Appeals will be heard early in the summer term 2017. To be considered in this first round of grouped appeals, your appeal form must be received by May 2018. Subsequently, appeals hearings are held periodically through the academic year.

Appeals for Krishna Avanti School are organised through Harrow Democratic Services, independently of the Krishna Avanti School's Governors as Admissions Authority.

Democratic Services will notify you of the date of your appeal hearing and you will be requested  to attend.

At the appeal, the Krishna Avanti School's Governors or representatives as Admissions Authority will explain the reasons why your child could not be offered a place. You will have the chance to ask questions and members of the appeal panel will ask you questions.

The appeal panel will then make its decision and you will be notified of the result in writing.

Any child admitted to a school as a result of an appeal will take precedence over others on the waiting list.

2017 Reception Admissions – Appeals Timetable (Academic Year 2017-18) 

 If you wish to appeal for 2017 Reception Admission place for Krishna Avanti Primary school you should contact the school to request an appeal pack.

The timetable for appeals for Reception admission September 2017 is as follows:

April 2017 Offer letters are sent to parents via Harrow Council (Online applicants can view offer results after receiving email confirmation)

May 2017 Closing date for receipt of appeals

Appeals will be heard in the Summer Term 2017

Admissions Policies

2017-2018 Admissions Policy for Reception Class and Years 1-6

2016-2017 Admissions Policy for Reception Class and Years 1-6