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Parent Staff Advisory Group (PSAG)


The PSAG is a group, formed of parents and staff from Krishna Avanti Primary School alongside those from both phases of Avanti House School. Their role is to act as an advisory interface between staff/parents and the Regional Governing Body (RGB) and its committees.

Key priorities, ideas and concerns of importance to both parent and staff groups will be explored by the group and communicated to the RGB for discussion and where appropriate, actioned by the RGB.


Terms of Reference


As part of its school governance arrangements, Avanti Schools Trust (AST) facilitates a non-executive Parent Staff Advisory Group (PSAG) for Avanti House School (AHS) and Krishna Avanti Primary School (KAPS). PSAG will support the Regional Governing Body (RGB) to help ensure that it gives due consideration to parental and staff perspectives in the way it governs the schools. The governing body recognises that PSAG will be well placed to understand parental and staff views and aspirations for the two schools. Such knowledge and ‘intelligence’ places the PSAG in a strong position to advise the governing body on how matters under consideration might affect the parents and staff. The wider purpose of the Group is to assist the RGB and the schools to fulfil our collective ambition of delivering the best possible education to achieve excellence for all our learners irrespective of their differing backgrounds and abilities and firmly rooted in the Avanti school's ethos.


The PSAG is a non-executive advisory body of the schools that works in tandem with the RGB. It may represent the views of the parents and families of pupils and students of the schools as well as those of the teaching and support staff of both schools. PSAG will report directly to the RGB through the Group’s Chairman. All minutes from meetings will be presented to the RGB prior to its meetings.


Key Objectives of PSAG

  • To inform and advise the Governing Body, and its committees (as necessary) regarding suggestions made for developing further what is working well for school improvement as well as issues of concern raised by parents, carers and staff
  • To assist the work of the RGB by feeding in the perspectives of parents, carers and staff, including the views of hard to reach parents, into the decision-making process
  • To advise the RGB on the effectiveness of its communication with parents and staff
  • To act as a consultative body in formulating and interpreting school policies that may affect the parents and staff
  • To act as a channel to develop positive partnership with the wider local communities
  • To act as a critical friend to the governing body and contribute to strategic planning and prioritisation of objectives which can further improve the schools’ effectiveness and standards for learners
  • To discuss priorities for consideration raised by the parent and staff community
  • To offer practical advice and support to the governing body to form closer alliances with parents, staff, other faith communities, and local businesses to improve the quality and breadth of the educational provision within our schools.
  • To interface individual parent members with key stages/departments/SEN etc. in a supportive and intelligence-gathering capacity to inform discussion, debate and prioritisation



Hari Patel – Chair

I have a strong understanding and experience of how a good school runs. As a PSAG member, I aim to engage, involve and communicate with parents, teachers and staff, to give a voice to their aspirations and to help translate that into meaningful action for the Governing Body. As a parent, I would like to see the Avanti schools grow and mature into a fine educational establishment that provides an excellent all round education aligned with the school's values and ethos. I hope to make a fruitful contribution to the PSAG as your representative.

I look forward to your kind support in this opportunity to serve.

Shriti Pandya – Vice-Chair

I have been in the teaching profession for 11 years and have experience of working in all three key stages within the primary curriculum, EYFS, KS1 and KS2.
My current role is deputy head teacher at Krishna Avanti School and my areas of responsibility include teaching and learning across the school, Inclusion and KS1 progress leader.

I am really excited to be part of PSAG as I know that the expertise within our parent community can have a great and positive impact on supporting our schools to grow!

Aroon Rana

I am a Chartered Surveyor and a parent of two, with over six years’ experience as a school governor. I have a good understanding and experience of how schools operate, and believe that good communication and teamwork between children, parents and teachers are the key factors in the future success of PSAG and Avanti Trust schools.

Parents wish for their children to thrive in school, teachers wish for their subjects to prosper and in turn I would like to see Avanti Schools succeed. Therefore, as a team member I will endeavour to ensure these aspirations are met through the PSAG.

Dhanvanti Raghvani

I have two children at Avanti House (Primary). I have been a maths teacher in a variety of secondary for the past ten years. My view of the education sector and my approach to teaching changed when I became a parent. My views and concerns developed with a different perspective. I have begun to understand the balance required between all the stakeholders in a school to make a school community to thrive. I will strive to ensure that the voices of all stakeholders are heard in the PSAG.

Harsha Siyani

I am a mother of 2 young boys; I understand the types of issues faced by parents. Being a part of FOKAS has allowed me to get to know the parents, teachers and the school very well.

I believe in the combined capability of education and faith to improve children’s life’s chances, through giving them opportunities to discover their potential. Strategies that look good on paper do not always translate well in the classroom and so I believe good communication between the school, parents/carers and pupils is essential and that parents play an important role in the school community.

Justine Reilly

I have been working in administrative roles within the education sector for the past 8 years and am PA to the Principal of Avanti House School.

I have worked with children from ages 0–16 years and thoroughly enjoy seeing them flourish. I previously worked for an organisation where I had the opportunity to work with the majority of Harrow and Brent secondary schools, arranging work experience placements and young enterprise activities for students.

I currently play a very active part in communicating with all school stakeholders and feel great honour being part of the PSAG, presenting the perspectives of both staff and parents to the regional governing body in order to work towards continuing school improvements.

Sheetal Rana

With 11 years of experience in education at a top performing Independent Hindu School, where both my children were students, I understand that for a school to flourish it is very important to have strong communication links and partnership between children, parents, teachers and the Governing Body.

Collectively we all have a responsibility, to contribute positively to take the school to the highest level. Being a parent and having had first-hand experience at dealing with various aspects of school issues and parental concerns, I would like to share my skills and experience as a PSAG member and serve the school in meeting its objectives and aspirations.

Timir Shah

I am a qualified accountant by profession. Being part of PSAG will give me an opportunity to engage with parents/ staff and bring relevant concerns to the governing body.

By communicating with the parties concerned on how to improve the school’s effectiveness, quality, and standard of learning by obtaining feedback from all the parties by various modes such as emails, talks, newsletter etc.

I will act as a friend between the governing body, parents and staff by recommending school policies affecting parents and the staff. We will make PSAG work for you with your support.

Vinay Patel

I have worked in education over the last 8 years, and joined the Avanti family of schools as a founding staff member for the trust’s 4–19 all through school. I join the PSAG with previous experience of working in school governance.

My role at Avanti House involves being a member of the Senior Leadership team and overseeing of the Technologies faculty. My subject specialism stems from the Creative Arts, Design and Technologies.

I look forward to working with and representing the views of the staff body to continue to support our schools achieve their holistic vision.



What is the PSAG?
Parent Staff Advisory Group (PSAG) is a non-executive parent and staff body for Avanti House School (AH) and Krishna Avanti Primary School (KAPS). Its role is to support the Regional Governing Body (RGB) to help ensure that it gives due consideration to parental and staff perspectives in the way it governs the schools.

What is the purpose of the PSAG?
The wider purpose of the PSAG is to assist the RGB and the schools to fulfil their collective ambition of delivering the best possible education to achieve excellence for all our learners irrespective of their differing backgrounds and abilities as firmly rooted in the Avanti school's ethos.

If I have a serious concern, with regards to an issue at school, how can the PSAG help me?
It all depends on the nature of the concern. If it’s about a member of staff, policies or procedures then you need to address this directly with the school. For example:
• If it’s about teaching and learning and your child’s progress then you need to speak directly with the class teacher.
• If you want to make a formal complaint then you need to follow the school’s complaints procedures.

I have heard from many parents about a particular problem that has been ongoing for some time, it is now getting to the boiling point...will the PSAG resolve this quickly if I inform them?
Again it depends on the issue, PSAG cannot get involved with the direct running of the school; however we will listen to the concerns and direct you to the appropriate channels and authority.

In the first instance we would humbly request you to please send an email to us on [email protected]

I am a full time parent and have some free time to contribute, will the PSAG guide me where I can make a contribution and offer some voluntary help?
Yes PSAG are already looking at initiatives where parents can get involved with the school and volunteer their time and or services and we will gladly meet with you to discuss your interest in volunteering.

I thought the PSAG was created to support the rights of parents, and they would stand by the parents to challenge the school / management?
PSAG was created to support the school to fulfil the school’s long term vision, for example:
• supporting Avanti House with transport issues when they move sites
• supporting Krishna Avanti School to promote considerate parking
• supporting children’s activities, initiatives, needs etc.

I would like to speak to a PSAG member, how can I do this?
Contact details are on the school’s website. Please feel free to contact us on [email protected]

If I write a suggestion or comment will this be treated confidentially?
Yes we will treat all communication with the PSAG in the strictest confidence. Again please feel free to send an email to [email protected]

I have some ideas about education; that I think will make a difference should I talk to the PSAG?
Yes if you feel that it will have a positive impact on teaching and learning, we will look forward to hearing from you please contact us on [email protected]

I would like to know what is happening and what activities are being implemented by this group, where can I get an update?
PSAG will introduce a newsletter informing parents and staff of what the group is focussing on and what support we may need from parents who wish to get more involved. We will also post our updates on the school website.

Do each of the members have roles to perform?
Yes, each member will eventually have specific roles of responsibility within the group. The areas of responsibility will also be posted on the school website.

Who are the PSAG responsible to?
PSAG are responsible to the Regional Governing Body and will report to them directly.