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School Stakeholder Committee (SSC) - March 2017 - Current

The Avanti Schools Trust Board of directors has made a decision to disband the Regional Governing Body of Harrow, the body responsible for governing Avanti House School and Krishna Avanti Primary School.  The Board’s decision reflects the needs of individual schools and the legal shift in governance and responsibility from Governing Bodies to Multi Academy School Trust Boards.

As a result of the change, the SSC will play a key role in supporting the school to provide highly effective educational provision and to achieve high standards for all its pupils.  The SSC will be a non-executive body.  Its members will develop a sound knowledge of how well the school works for the pupils in terms of their progress, standards, personal well-being and all round development.

In support of the school, the members of SSC will undertake the following roles:

  • Develop a good understanding of and represent parental and staff views and aspirations about the quality of the educational experience of pupils, staff, parents and other stakeholders and partners of the school;
  • Represent the views and aspirations of parents and staff on the quality of the educational experience and its impact on the pupils in their school;
  • Inform the work of the school and improvement priorities by providing feedback on the experience and perspectives of diverse stakeholders, including the hard to reach parents;
  • Contribute to the running of the school by participating in disciplinary, exclusions, complaints, and appointments panels and other such forums that require representation of persons not employed at the school;
  • Work closely with the Principal and the Finance personnel on budget planning and preparation of monthly management accounts;
  • Support the school in the administration of pupil admissions policy to secure compliance with the published policy and the admissions code;
  • Advise the school on the effectiveness of its engagement and communication with parents as active and effective partners in their children’s education;
  • Contribute towards the formulation and review of school policies to improve the quality of school’s overall provision, including teaching and learning;
  • Be ambassadors of the school to promote partnerships with wider local communities to enrich the school’s offer to pupils, for example volunteering and mentoring programmes and employer engagement; 
  • Act as a critical friend to the school leadership and contribute to the school self-review and strategic planning and the prioritisation short and longer term objectives.

Elections to appoint parent and staff members for the local SSC commttee are in process and further details will be updated once appoinments are confirmed in March 2017.



School Stakeholders Committee Members - March 2017 - Current 

School Stakeholders Committee Members is currently made up of the following members. Please see below a brief statement from our members. 


Mr Vijay Doshi – Chair – Trust appointment

Mr Vijay Doshi is an executive with extensive experience gained globally with world class PLCs and owner managed organisations. He has an understanding of business and government protocols in the UK; European and Asia/Pacific Markets across diverse industries. Mr Doshi has a particular interest in Education. 


Ms Vandana Dass – Trust appointment

Ms Vandana Dass is a HR/Employment Solicitor and Managing Director at a Solicitors firm she set up with the aim of providing a “one stop” HR service to Businesses. She helps businesses with a range of HR matters.

Her vast experience and knowledge of Employment law allows her to assist the School with key HR decisions. She is passionate about the School and ensuring that our children are able to access the best education to ensure they have the best future!


Mr Surya Devaguptapu – Trust appointment

Mr Surya Devaguptapu is a parent of two children and has previously served on the Regional Governing Body (RGB) of Harrow.  He works in Central London for a leading bank and supported the school in visits, attending functions and events, sitting as panel member for confidential meeting. He has led several funding opportunities which raised the school over £1000 to acquire audio books, tapes and books with CDs for children to develop their hearing, pronunciation and reading skills.


Mr Arvind Halai- Parent Member

Mr Arvind Halai is a senior teacher at a state primary school in Brent. He comes with experience in the education sector having worked for 10 years in a school. He is a staff governor at the current school where he is employed and is a governor at a private nursery school. He has two young children at KAPS and a sound knowledge of the schools aims and values and will continue where necessary to benefit, the well-being and education for life for our children.


Mrs Disha Vora- Parent Member

Mrs Disha Vora is a parent and believes in joint efforts of school team (staff & parents) to help with the learning journey of our children and would like to improve communication.


Ms Natalie Bell- Staff Member

Ms Natalie Bell is currently one of our year 3 teachers and a subject leader at KAPS. In the short space of time she has worked at the school she has been enabling the children to make as much progress as possible on a daily basis.  Ms Bell is an experienced teacher and has been teaching for over 7 years having worked in a number of different schools, where she developed close partnerships between key stakeholders in schools, such as staff, parents and pupils, as well as developing different ways to keep children as engaged as possible in their curriculum.  She is keen to further develop as part of the SSC member at KAPS.



The Regional Governing Body September 2013 - Autumn 2016

The Regional Governing Body (RGB) currently fulfils a strategic role in the running of 2 schools and establishes the strategic framework by:

  • Setting the aims and objectives for the School

  • Adopting policies for achieving those aims and objectives

  • Monitoring targets for achieving those aims and objectives

A Regional Governing Body structure was implemented in September 2014, to better monitor and share resources for Krishna Avanti Primary School and Avanti House School, Harrow. The Regional Governing Body is currently made up of the following members:

Yuvraj Rana Chair
Kartik Khandwala Co-Vice Chair
Ghanshyam Patel Co-Vice Chair
Dr Sanjiv Agarwal SEND governor
Dr Kapil Chawla Admissions Lead
Sruti Dharma Das Pastoral care
Bhavana Chauhan  
Chirag Ghelani Legal
Surya Devaguptapu  
Sulabh Agarwal  
Bindu Rai Principal, KAPS
Mark Bennison Principal, AHS


Governing Body Code of Conduct


Please click on the lick to see the Governing Body Code of Conduct.

Governor Visits 

Kartik Khandawalal, Governor visit interview with School Council- May 2016 

1. What job do you do when you’re not a Governor? – Siddh 2A

I work in a consultancy company. A lot of my time at work is spent finding solutions to problems.

2. How long have you been a governor? – Aarav 2B

I have been a governor for more than 5 years.

3. What does a Governor do? – Umika 2A

I support the school to achieve its goals. I also challenge the school when making decisions.

4. Why did you decide to become a Governor? – Pranay – Year 5

I love children and I love education. A governor deals with both!

5. What’s the best part of being a Governor in our school? – Mahi Year 6

I meet so many talented children. I really enjoy making children happy and seeing all your happy faces!

6. Do the Governors always agree? – Vrndavan Year 3

Generally, we do.

7. How important are Governors to our school? – Aniyora Year 3

The governors are absolutely key to the effectiveness of our school.

8. Please could you tell us something you have done at our school? – Aryan Year 6

I have done many individual things such as chair the curriculum meetings, helped with fundraising campaigns, helped served lunch during busy festival times. I want to make sure that everything you learn is of the highest standard.

9. What is your favourite part of the school? – Rhys Year 4

Where I can see as many of you as possible! For example, the assemblies, performances etc

10. What area of Science would you like to develop? – Jaina Year 5

I want to bring more exploring and experimenting out in the world away from the classroom. I think first hand experience is very important. Science should prepare you to think into the future!