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School Lunch

An important part of our ethos is around the provision of hot, fresh, nutritious meals. Sharing tasty, healthy school lunches is an integral part of the educational experience at an Avanti school. It’s also an opportunity to enhance social skills and sitting etiquette, ensuring lunchtimes are a positive experience for all. School staff often enjoy taking lunch with pupils, creating a family atmosphere.

The lunch meals cooked are pure vegetarian (in line with the faith ethos of the school) and the Menu is changed every term. 

If the lunch provision on offer does not meet your child’s needs, or if your child has specific diet requirements/preferences, please do speak to us so that we can provide for your child accordingly. Meals can be designed to meet the needs of children with specific allergies. We encourage parents to visit the school to sample the school lunches in order to satisfy themselves with the quality of provision. Alternatively, we ask that parents who choose to provide a packed lunch instead ensure they contain good quality, healthy food.

We strongly encourage parents who have financial constraints to apply for Free School Meals. An application form can be obtained from the school office. Any forms received by the school will be kept confidential.

Autumn and Winter Menus

Stir fried vegetables and noodles
Penne pasta with grated carrot tomato sauce served with cheese and butter bread
Layered nachos with kidney bean chilli, cheese, salsa and Mexican rice
Pita bread and mini falafel served with cous cous and houmous
Pizza with sweetcorn and mixed peppers
Butter cookies
Rice pudding
Fruit jelly
Chocolate cake and custard
SALAD Lettuce salad with dressing

Chickpea salad with dressing

Vegetable spaghetti salad
Pasta salad with dressing
Grated carrot, cucumber and tomato salad

MAIN MEAL Puff pastry pasties filled with seasonal vegetables  Mixed lentil soup and vegetable rice Jacket potato served with baked beans and cheese  Fluffy rice cakes served with vegetable lentil stew and coconut yoghurt
Baked macaroni cheese with cauliflower and broccoli 
DESSERT  Vanilla and cherry cupcakes  Ginger biscuits Mixed fruit salad  Honey greek yogurt with crushed berries Choclate and beetroot brownie 
SALAD Chickpea salad with dressing  Lettuce and cucumber salad Vegetable spaghetti salad Lettuce and spinach finely chopped salad Lentil salad with cucumber and carrot


MAIN MEAL Biryani served with vegetable curry and cucumber yoghurt  Fusilli pasta with a tomato vegetable sauce served with seasoned potato wedges  Cheese and kidneybeans quesadilla with avacado salsa  Paneer and salad wrapped in chapati  Pizza with sweetcornand mixed bell peppers 
DESSERT  Flapjacks  Fruit salad with a vanilla custard   Chocolate corn flake/cherrio crispies Apple crumble and cream  Carrot cake with lemon icing 
SALAD Mixed salad  Cucumber and carrot  Vegetable  spaghetti salad  Chickpea salad with dressing  Spniach and lettuce finely chopped salad with dressing 

For Ekadasi (fasting) dates, the menu will be adjusted to a grain free meal. Mash potato and cheese bake with a vegetable gravy will be served with a mixed salad. A dessert of plain fruit salad will be served on these special days.