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A message from the Principal:

I feel privileged to be part of the growth of a new education establishment in Croydon. The prospect of cultivating a school from the beginning is exciting for all involved.

As a parent, I am very much aware of the responsibility that my staff and I have in ensuring the highest standards of teaching and learning - to enable academic, social, physical, moral and spiritual development for all our children. As a strong believer in lifelong learning, my priority, as Principal, is to ensure that Krishna Avanti Primary School Croydon attains high standards by promoting and creating opportunities to live out our vision, drawn from the teachings of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, of: Educational Excellence, Character Formation and Spiritual Insight, thus preparing our children for their life journeys.

Education in the 21st Century may seem different from education in the past, especially with recent technological advances, but the principles of quality learning leading to an excellent education remain the same. With curious minds, combined with opportunities to draw out what children already know and are willing to discover, major breakthroughs can still take place to reshape the world of the future.

Academic excellence, however, without a well-developed character is of little benefit. That is why I believe that forming a solid character is vital to being considered a true success.

The fully inclusive nature and approach to spirituality is another positive feature of our school. The relationships we establish each day prepare us for our respective life-journeys, again for a future that is unknown.

Being educated at Krishna Avanti Primary School is a truly unique and remarkable experience that parents want their children to be involved in.

Mr Peter Burton