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Key Stage 4  

During Key Stage 4, the curriculum builds on the subjects and activities of Years 7, 8 and 9, links with the proposed post-16 curriculum, and is served by the same core principles – with each child:

  • being treated as a unique individual with a personalised curriculum

  • enjoying positive relationships between students and staff

  • experiencing an enabling environment that stimulates learning

  • discovering innovative approaches to learning and personal development both as a team leader and a team player


Subjects and Themes

The core curriculum will be based around the English Baccalaureate. There will be core subjects which all students will study. There will then be a selection of subjects which students can then choose to study for GCSE.

The following will comprise the core compulsory, GCSE curriculum for all students going into Year 10: 

  • English Language

  • English Literature

  • Mathematics

  • Religious Studies (PRE)

  • Combined Science (2 GCSEs) or Triple Science (3 GCSEs) – Chemistry, Physics and Biology are all studied in both Combined and Triple Science

  • History or geography (both can be studied if chosen through the Options below)

  • PE (Core – non-examined for all students. GCSE PE is an additional Option Choice)

Students must then choose 6 options (or 5 if they have chosen to do ALL THREE sciences) from the following list – out of this list, a language is RECOMMENDED for most students: 

  • History

  • Geography

  • PE

  • Art & Design

  • Sanskrit

  • Computer Science

  • Dance

  • Drama

  • Music

  • Business Studies

  • Media Studies

For guidance on study at Key Stage 4, please see the CHOICES booklet and our options evening presentation via the links below.


Options booklet 2017-19

Options evening presentation


Extra-curricular activities

A lively and engaging extra-curricular programme will operate every day after school and will be staffed by members of the school community and visiting professionals. These activities will aim to stimulate curiosity, inform and generate a lifelong love of learning alongside developing new hobbies, interests and skills that can also be accredited. Examples of some of the opportunities are detailed below:

  • Music tuition is currently provided through a number of visiting instrumental teachers, leading to the formation of high-class performance ensembles.

  • Duke of Edinburgh is being offered with Year 9 students being given the opportunity to complete the Bronze Award, Year 10 the Silver Award and 6th form students the Gold Award.

  • A wide range of sporting activities, clubs & teams of offered to all year groups and students regularly have the opportunity to compete against students from other schools.

  • Debating has taken off this year at Avanti House School. A visiting expert is running a debating society for each year group and students have been entered into a wide range of competitions.

Both the core and extended curricula and the extra-curricular programmes will be supported by a well-stocked library and research facility, and state-of-the-art ICT systems.

The spiritual development of students will be a core element of all programmes, though most obviously evident in the newly-devised ethics course which currently builds from Reception right through to Year 9. The course, resting on a Hindu foundation, reflecting the school faith designation, will also embrace a comparative study of all major world religions, critical thinking and the development of an informed moral code that produces a strong sense of individual responsibility and accountable citizenship within the community.


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