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After School Clubs  

Summer Term 2016-17  

Start Date: Tuesday 18th April 2017             End Date: Friday 14th July  

Summer term clubs will be open to children from EYFS to Year 4 at Avanti House Primary School. For all clubs starting in the Summer Term, bookings and payments are to me made directly to the tutor or organisation responsible for the club (see the flyers below for details on how to register and the costs). The school will not be collecting money or registration forms and please be aware of the individual clubs rules and regulations for bookings.

Sherpa Kids (open to children from Reception – Year 4. Sherpa Kids is an after school care service which you can book ad-hoc, weekly or after school - for further details please see flyer.

Please click here to view the After School Club overview for the Summer Term 2017. There are limited spaces for clubs and bookings will be on a ‘first come first serve’ basis. 

After School Club Flyers Summer Term

Art Club Summer Years 1 - 4

Chess Club Summer Year 1

Chess Club Summer Year 2

Chess Club Summer Years 3 and 4

Cricket Club Summer Years 2, 3 & 4

French Club Summer EYFS and Years 1 - 4

Fun Fitness Club Summer Reception & Year 1

Gymnastics Club Summer Reception

Gymnastics Club Summer Year 1

Hockey Club Summer Years 2, 3 & 4

Kathak Dancing Summer Years 3 & 4

Kirtan Drumming Summer Years 3 & 4

Science Club Summer Years 1 & 2

Science Club Summer Years 3 & 4

Super Skills Summer Years 1 - 4

Tennis Club Summer Years 1 and 2

Parent Workshops

Maths Workshops

KS1 Maths Workshop 2016-17

KS2 Maths Workshop 2016-17

KS1 Maths Workshop 2015-16

KS2 Maths Workshop 2015-16

KS2 Maths Workshop suppliment 2015-16

English Workshops

KS1 SPaG Workshop 2015-16

Phonic Workshops

Phonics Workshop 2015-16

EYFS Phonics Workshop 2016-17

EYFS Phonics Workshop 2015-16

Home School Communication

Autumn Term 1 2016-17

Year 1 & 2 Diwali concert 10th October 2016

Autumn Term 2 2016-17

Home Learning




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