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Communication Strategy


Our vision is for Avanti Court to become one of the most respected and admired co-educational state schools in the UK. Not only for academic achievement but because of the pioneering and transforming education it gives children that come here. We want each child to love learning inside and outside of school as part of our ethos, drawn from the teachings of Sri Chaitanya, based on our three pillars: Educational Excellence, Character Formation and Spiritual Insight.

In order for our vision to be realised, we need to ensure that communication is central to school life and learning. Through good communication we build relationships and knowledge that are cornerstones of our school community made up primarily of children, parents and educators. We will succeed by working closely together.

Based on our three pillars, these aims are:

  • Educational Excellence: to raise standards for the benefit of all children by putting highly effective school systems in place
  • Character Formation: to understand the uniqueness of every child and challenging and supporting each to be the best they can be
  • Spiritual Insight: to help children along their journey of self-discovery to meet their spiritual, academic and social potential.


Principles of Communication

Avanti Schools Trust - CommunicatingA strong communication strategy ensures that every member of our community feels valued and in turn values the aims and vision of the school. Therefore our guiding principles for all school communication must be:

  • Clear, accurate and precise
  • Inclusive to the whole school community
  • Improving our school by listening to each other
  • Creating effective systems for feedback.

Underpinned by our distinctive philosophy, we strive to communicate truthfully, for the ultimate benefit of all in our community and in a pleasing and respectful way.


Monitoring Quality

To achieve the best communication:

  • We will ensure messaging is consistent through all forms of school communication (emails, internal memos, briefings, conversations, meetings, newsletters, Facebook, etc).
  • We will monitor the quality of information going from the school with the senior leadership team approving all letters and other messages to parents (including via Facebook, FOAC Facebook, website)

Below are the school’s communication channels and processes to 1) raise concerns and complaints, 2) wanting to meet staff, 3) wanting to meet the parent governor, and 4) sharing ideas.


Collective Responsibility

Parents are responsible for accessing this information and gathering opportunities (newsletters, coffee morning etc) provided and if they require further information or detail are expected to communicate with teachers, office team or the school leadership team.

Any misinformation heard in the playground or among other parents must be questioned and / or verified before it is repeated so that the correct details can be given. Repeating misinformation can be damaging.


Further Reading

To learn more about our communication strategy, please see the document below.

PDF File Icon  Avanti Court Primary Communication Srategy – CLICK HERE »