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Your views matter

There is a Parentview survey tool which we would like you to complete, but before you do, some parents said that they did not know how we do certain things, hence this information page!


Feeling safe at school

Assemblies are focused on our values – so children think about how to be courageous as well as show empathy.

We strive to develop positive caring relationships with our children. We want them to know at least one adult to talk to if they have a problem or are worried about something.

High adult:pupil ratio around the school. Plenty of adults at lunch time and in the playground. Fully trained first aiders around the school.

Curriculum is designed to develop pupils' ability to raise questions and give their view. We aim to develop every child's sense of self and the space they come to school in.

We talk to children to find out about their school from their point of view. We also invite Local Authority, Governors and members of the Trust to monitor the work of the school.


My child makes good progress at school

Did you know that yet again we were higher than the Local Authority and National average at the end of last year? So we achieved 100% phonics by the end of Year 2 (National was 85%). Our results in 2013–14 were 78% compared with the National of 69% (last year data).

We report to you three times a year – at parent meetings and also via written reports. You are free to make an appointment to see your child's teacher and talk through any issues or just see how well they are doing.


My child receives appropriate home work?

We think that children should love learning. We do not give out traditional worksheet homework because according to research it does not actually help children to learn better (although I know we often think it does). What does help is what we do...

Regular reading: every day.

Regular writing: telling stories, role play, writing shopping lists etc.

Practice: number facts, phonics, handwriting, rote learn timestables etc.

Home Learning projects: research projects to help children understand the bigger meaning of learning. These are set for six weeks and many parents say they love them (even though they take alot of time! Sorry!!)


How does the school deal with bullying?

See our information about bullying in our policy. Basically we will not tolerate it at all – but we also want to get to the bottom of the negative behaviour. We teach children that this behaviour is not acceptable and tell them in assemblies and in class how we will deal with it. We also will have an Anti-Bullying Week in the coming year.


Raising concerns?

We strive to be a listening school. We want your view whether positive or negative. We know that you will communicate with us following our communication and complaints policies (see on policy page). We also know that in doing so your aim is to help the school improve for everyone.

We hope this information helps – please would you visit parentview.gov.uk


Yoga at Avanti Court

The document below outlines the reasons of teaching Yoga at Avanti Court and how Yoga supports our children's learning.

Yoga at Avanti Court - Benefits


If you would like a paper copy of any information on our website, please let the school office know and we will copy the information for you. If you would like any of the information in enlarged print please inform the office who will be glad to assist.