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About FOAC

Our schools parent, teacher and friends association is known as FOAC (Friend’s of Avanti Court). They meet on a regular basis and support the school by organising events, coffee meetings, fundraising money and providing a link between parents, teachers, children and the local community.

We aim to raise the profile of the school within the local community and work together with all parents, teachers and governors.

We aim to work jointly with the school in order to ensure that the funds raised go towards resources to enrich our children’s learning environments. Teachers at Avanti Court Primary School provide FOAC with a wish list of items that they would like to receive in order to support children in school.


Mission Statement

We as members of the FOAC committee will ensure that all well-wishers to Avanti Court Primary School will have an opportunity to improve the daily lives of the pupils and staff. We pledge to fundraise in a responsible and ethical manner and support the ethos of the school.

We aim to work jointly with the school in order to ensure that the funds raised go towards resources to enrich our children’s learning environments.

Our vision: to make every child’s potential a reality


FOAC Mission

  • A powerful voice for all children;
  • A relevant resource for all families and communities;
  • Bringing the parents, staff and community all together.


FOAC Values

  • Collaboration – FOAC will work in partnership with a wide array of individuals to accomplish our agreed upon goals;
  • Commitment – FOAC is dedicated to promoting the children’s health, well being through strong parent/carer, family, and community involvement;
  • Accountability – FOAC acknowledge their obligations and will deliver on promises made;
  • Respect – FOAC will value everyone involved. However, FOAC expects the same high quality effort from others;
  • Integrity – FOAC will act consistently within our beliefs, we will acknowledge our mistakes and seek to make amends.


FOAC Aims and Objectives

  • To be efficient and effective;
  • To develop social contact with parents/carers and the community;
  • To ensure demands made on members, parents/carers and staff are reasonable;
  • To raise as much money as possible for Avanti Court Primary School;
  • To consistently explore methods of raising much-needed funds for the school;
  • To work as a team;
  • To support and promote the values/ethos of Avanti Court Primary School;
  • To ensure everyone’s contribution is valued.


Committee Members

Executive Committee 2015-16

Chair Arnica Srivastava Yr 3 parent
Vice Chair Minesh Patel
Yr 3 parent
Secretary Niru Murali Reception parent
Treasurer Rani Shah Yr 3 parent
Vice secretary Prashanthi Yr 3 parent
Vice Treasurer Vacant Position
Communication Rep Sheetal Jethwa Reception parent
Newsletter Editor Jassel Jilka Yr 2 parent
Publicity Officer Vacant Position

Year Group Representatives

Reception Thusjanthi Reception parent
Year 1
Somya Gowda Yr 1 parent
Year 2 Vacant Position Yr 2 parent
Year 3 Tina Yr 3 parent



FOAC Committee Re-election letter

FOAC Committee Roles


Connect with FOAC

The easiest way to get in touch and stay in touch is through the FOAC Facebook page. Our group is exclusive to staff and parents of Avanti Court Primary School, as well as close friends and supporters of the school.

If you'd like to news of events, volunteering oportunities and much more, please visit us via the link below.


Avanti Court - FOAC - Facebook Group